Welcome to Hopetown

Thanks for your interest in our church! We want to welcome you and let you know we are here to serve you. If you decide to visit, you can expect to be loved when you walk through our doors. Our mission and message are simple: We love because He first loved us. God is love (1 John 4:8). He first pours His love into our hearts through the Good News of Jesus (Romans 5:1-5). Having been given love as a free gift (Romans 5:15-17), we then pour out love for our neighbor (Romans 15:1-7).

Happenings at Hopetown

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Men's Breakfast

Aug 13 August 13  |     |   

Band Practice

Aug 13 August 13  |     |   

Sunday Service

Aug 14 August 14  |     |   

Student Group

Aug 14 August 14  |     |   

Men's Basketball

Aug 15 August 15  |     |   

First Friday Prayer

Sep 2 September 2  |     |   
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Did you know there are 50+ references to the words "one another" in the Bible? Because "one another" is important to God, it is important to us. As a church, we provide a number of different contexts "to love one another."